Graff-IT Digital Archive will be the first database of 7th to 16th c. graffiti in Italy. The data collection, as well as the storage of digital graffiti reproductions, will be guaranteed by the development of an opensource, organic digital archive, organized according to scientifically validated criteria, so that it can become a real ‘online repository’. The ITC system will include a data entry form and a data search and publication form. It will be divided into four sections: 1) a database of persons (authors, authorities, institutions); 2) a database of places (historical and normalized); 3) a database of texts (reproductions, transcriptions and editions); 4) a database of entries and locutions, i.e. a set of lemmas organized by sections corresponding to the idioms surveyed. Graff-IT Digital Archive aims to gather texts and metadata from the largest possible number of graffiti. This resource will soon take on the characteristics of linked open data.

Graff-IT Digital Archive will be an evolving database, dedicated to constantly enriching itself in a collaborative mode

  • by the incorporation of the texts of graffiti edited;
  • by the incorporation of editions directly made for the base;
  • by incorporating hyperlinks to text and images from online documents.

Scholars from different backgrounds are invited to contribute to the implementation of the database. Original publications, whether or not on paper, will be quoted (with hypertext links where appropriate). All the original works and articles, moreover, are inserted in the general list of editions taken up or cited. Texts can be sent to